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10+ minutes with Stef, the perpetual student

Join me as I chat to Stef about her insights from working with cardiology patients, the personal situations which have inspired her collection of short stories and poems, and her experience of being a students in her 40s and 50s. Describing herself as caring and creative, Stef is a former health professional, who has have a lot of experience of supporting older people, and have worked with a variety of organisations in providing help and support for older people. Having attained her teaching diploma at 52, she went on to teach access courses for nursing, midwifery and social work, and foundation degree courses on disability and working with the disabled. Stef's new book is a collection of short stories and poetry called Growing Invisible. You can place your order at: The writing group she refers to is run by Michael Heppell: business speaker, success coach and best-selling author.

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